Reprint Philosophy

We believe the secondary card market is the “Trading” in Trading Card Game. Our goal is to make FAB an all-time classic Trading Card Game, which is why we respect the secondary card market in all our decision making.

We want single card resellers who invest in FAB inventory, to prosper from their investment and the service they provide to the FAB community. We want players who invest in building their collections, to be proud to own something of value.

FAB has been designed from the ground up to be a tournament TCG with a non-rotating card pool. Our product and format design aims to provide fans with long term utility of their collections, enable a dynamic tournament meta-game, and create a vibrant secondary card market.

As the number of FAB players grows around the world, it will be necessary to reprint cards to support new player accessibility to tournament play. When deciding to reprint a card, careful consideration will be made to the effect the reprint will have on the secondary card market, and the amount of new demand that exists since the card's last printing.