Banned and Suspended Players

Banned players

Banned players may not participate in any official Flesh and Blood tournaments of any tier.

Player Name GEM ID Ban Reason Banned From

Suspended players

Suspended players may not participate in official competitive Flesh and Blood tournaments (tier 2 and above) until their suspension expires. Suspended players may still participate in official casual Flesh and Blood tournaments (tier 1) at the Tournament Organizer's discretion, but will not earn XP from these events.

Breaking suspension or appearing before the penalty committee again may extend the suspension duration or be upgraded to a permanent ban.

Player Name GEM ID Suspension Reason Suspended From Suspended Until
Casey Dugan 11669916 Cheating 28th August 2022 28th August 2023
Li-hong Yeh 84377192 Cheating 24th April 2022 24th April 2024
Joshua Sung 92733369 Cheating - Counterfeit Material 24th September 2022 24th September 2024
Freeman Spencer 74755923 Cheating 29th May 2023 29th August 2023
Nguyen Minh Toan 31244677 Cheating 28th June 2023 27th June 2024
Taotao Chu 32841154 Cheating 28th June 2023 27th June 2024