Suspended Stores

8th Feb 2023 Organized Play Team

The following stores are currently suspended as official stockists of Flesh and Blood. They are unable to be supplied Flesh and Blood from official distributors and are not eligible to run official organized play events.

Store Name Location Suspended Until
CardGameShop Villareia, Italy July 24, 2023
Safari Zone Collectibles Delaware, USA Indefinite
The TCG Empire Ohio, USA Indefinite
Dark Tower Gaming Vermont, USA Indefinite
Hall of Heroes Tennesse, USA Indefinite
Central Trading Card Company, LLC Texas, USA Indefinite
CCG Castle Connecticut, USA Indefinite
Cute Cards Ohio, USA Indefinite
Galactic Toys & Games - Alpine Michigan, USA Indefinite
Galactic Toys & Games - Kentwood Michigan, USA Indefinite
Prodigy Games Florida, USA Indefinite
Player's Spot Setúbal, Portugal Indefinite
CompetEsport South Carolina, USA Indefinite